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Crusader Club

The Parent-Teacher Organization of FPDS

The Crusader Club is the parent/teacher organization of the Day School. The Crusader Club is charged with the opportunity to support the ministry of the school.

The Crusader Club has officers and committees that function throughout the school year in a variety of activities. Holiday Potpourri is the main fundraising event for the school that raises funds each year for a specific project that benefits the faculty and students.

All parents have opportunities to get as involved as they desire by serving on committees and volunteering on the day of Holiday Potpourri. Field Day is another important event sponsored by the Crusader Club. Field Day is generally the third Friday in May and requires many parents to organize and volunteer on this fun and exciting day. All parents are encouraged to take this day off from work to spend it with their children at Belhaven University.

The Crusader Club also sponsors all school parties during the year. Parents are requested to volunteer to plan and attend at least one school party.

The officers and committee chairpersons meet once a month with the school administration to discuss their plans. If you would like more information on how to become more involved in the school, please contact any of the officers of the Crusader Club. Here are the 2013-2014 officers:

Crusader Club Officers

President Laura & Charles Barbour
Vice-President Amy & David Turner
Chaplain Mary Tison & Jay Brown
Secretary Mamie & Jet Hollingsworth
Treasurer Heather & Kevin Kellum
Assistant Treasurer Heather & Leland Martin
School Board Liason Philip Parker
Hospitality Jen McGehee, Chair
Millicent Crosby
Back to School Night Lisa Nowell, Chair
Whitney Cothren
Cambi Burnham
Holiday Potpourri Lou Ann Flatgard, Chair
Natalie Adkins, Co-Chair
Ashley Baldwin, Co-Chair
Room Mothers Kimberly Van Uden, 1-3
April Roberson, 4-6
Field Day Avery Lee
New Families Allyson Bays, Chair
Ashley Maddux
Uniforms Kristy Moak, Chair
Shelley Gough
Swim Meet Kecia Yelverton, 1-3
Lori Thomas, 1-3
Libby Crawford, 4-6
Amanda Roberson, 4-6
6th Grade Graduation Stacey Hight, Chair
Blair Hederman
Jill Purvis
Football Moms Jennifer Buchanan, 6th
Olivia Maley, 6th
Lisa Nowell, 5th
Beth Brantley, 5th
Cheerleader Moms Jennifer Morgan, 6th
Tracey Jeffreys, 5th
Lisa Nowell, 5th
Outreach Farrah & Troy Newman
Caring Kathleen Hardin
Box Tops Leslie Zouboukos
Moms-in-Prayer Margo Heath
Kysia Geary
Fabulous Friends Tamah White