FPDS Announces Dyslexia Immersion Model

First Presbyterian Day School (FPDS) announced recently that beginning in August of 2017, the school will provide an academic immersion model for students participating in its dyslexia program.

“The mission of this model is to provide a Christ-centered environment where students with dyslexia are immersed in an educational setting specifically designed to meet their unique learning styles while enhancing their God-given gifts and preparing them to transition to the next phase of their educational journey,” said Gary Herring, FPDS head of school.

The model will begin with one class for second grade and one class for third grade in August of 2017 with a maximum of 10 students per class. Students participating will be assigned to a second or third grade homeroom teacher, therefore being a part of that classroom’s daily schedule. However, students will receive the academic portion of their day in a small group setting incorporating a multisensory approach led by a dyslexia therapist who is also a certified teacher. In addition, dyslexia therapy will be provided daily.

“The academic immersion model provided will offer the students instructional teaching methods in all subject areas delivered by a teacher who is highly trained to meet their unique learning style,” said Mindy Boyd, FPDS director of student services. “This model will result in increased 1-on-1 academic support across the curriculum for our students while enhancing their areas of brilliance.”

Current FPDS faculty members Meredith Matlock and Tori Williams will serve as second and third grade dyslexia program instructors. Both are certified teachers and hold graduate degrees in dyslexia therapy.  Kristi Chovet, also currently on staff, will serve as a dyslexia therapist and Learning Lab and academic coach.Upon entering the third grade, students will receive a place in FPDS’s Learning Lab, where students are provided supplemental instruction, additional exposure, and small group reading support.

Founded in 1964, FPDS currently serves more than 575 students in grades kindergarten through sixth from over 25 communities in and near the metro-Jackson area.  The mission of the school is to plant seeds of Christlikeness in the hearts of children; pursue excellence in academics; and prepare students for future service in their homes, churches, and professions.

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Head of School Gary Herring, Learning Lab and Academic Coach Kristi Chovet, Dyslexia Instructors Tori Williams and Meredith Matlock, and Student Services Director Mindy Boyd.